vegan curry
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vegan veggie curry recipe

I know a lot of people assume eating a plant based diet means boring salads and carrot sticks, but let me tell you, there are lots of really delicious, hearty vegan recipes out there. This vegan veggie curry recipe is the perfect example! This recipe is one of my family’s absolute favorites. We are able[…]

dinosaur kale
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plant based protein

Where Do You Get Your Protein?  The number one question I get asked as a plant eater is, “But where do you get your protein?” I know it’s been engrained in our brains that protein is SO important in our diet. But honestly, I think we live in a protein obsessed society.  Rather than focusing[…]

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vegan collard greens and rice recipe

It started with a bundle of collard greens my sister grew in our garden that we share. Of course, I hunted on Pinterest for a delicious recipe to prepare using the beautiful collards she grew. I chose the first recipe I found that wasn’t southern style collard greens, because let’s face it, I’ve eaten that dish plenty[…]

low food waste grocery shopping
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go vegan for the environment

Go Vegan for the Environment Transitioning to a vegan diet is definitely a tough decision to make, but it has a lot of advantages that are worth considering. Choosing to eat a plant based diet can make your body healthier, your waistline smaller, your pocket fuller and the earth safer. People who have made the[…]