zero waste gift wrapping
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zero waste gift wrapping

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping It’s that time of year! I absolutely love the holiday season. I love baking Christmas cookies, decorating the house, and listening to Christmas music! However, I know this season is notorious for being wasteful.  According to the EPA, “between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, American household waste increases by more than[…]

used bookstore
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zero waste bibliophile

Zero Waste Bibliophile I love books. I mean to say that I not only love to read books, but I really love actual physical books: the cover design, the feel of the pages, and the smell  is unmatched. It would be a struggle for me to convert to some sort of electronic reader. And to[…]

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zero waste in college

Zero Waste In College My interest in zero waste started a good many years after college life. Eco friendly living wasn’t even on my radar at the time. Ten years later, I’ve had a lot of future college students asking me if I have any tips for trying to reduce waste in college, and I[…]