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Zero Waste Halloween Ideas

It’s that time of year again! Temperatures are finally cooling down in Georgia, and I am just itching to hop in the kitchen and start baking all of my favorite fall treats. While stopping by the grocery store to pick up some baking supplies, I was reminded how much waste and plastic is involved with the upcoming holiday season, including Halloween. When walking in the grocery store door, I was bombarded with bags of candy and cheaply made kids’ costumes. Let’s talk about some things we can do this Halloween to avoid the trash that is typically involved with the holiday season. Who says we can’t celebrate without all the plastic, am I right?!


In my opinion, zero waste Halloween decorations are the easiest place to start. Think pumpkins, hay bales, and pine cones. There are some really interesting and beautiful pumpkin options out there other than just the typical round jack-o-lantern style pumpkin. Just this week, I saw some gorgeous green, squat pumpkins and even some white ones. A bonus to using pumpkins for decoration, you can eat them! Head over to the Zero Waste Chef’s blog, she can tell you How to Cook a Whole Pumpkin in a Pressure Cooker. You can enjoy your lovely fall decorations, then turn them in to fresh pumpkin pie!

Also, using decorations found in nature (seriously get inspired in your backyard!) are great, because they are not only pretty but, a lot of the time, free. I love to hunt for the biggest pine cones I can find in our yard to decorate the dining room table at our house. Head over to Pinterest for ideas on how to arrange/design your DIY halloween decor.

Trick or Treat

You don’t HAVE to give trick or treaters candy, I promise! First of all, they are probably receiving a whole lot of candy from other door steps. Don’t feel strange giving out a non-candy treat. Secondly, I’m absolutely certain parents will be thankful you went the sugarless route. Also, there are a plenty of kids with food allergies, another reason to avoid the candy.

As far as treat ideas, my favorite thing to hand out to trick or treaters is Throw and Grow Wildflower Seed Balls! It’s by far the coolest treat you can hand out. They’re simply recycled paper + wildflower seeds shaped into a small ball that can be planted to grow flowers to help support the bee population. Not just a fun project for kids, but it also is kind to the planet! You can find seed balls in the Tiny Yellow Bungalow shop, or you could even make some seed balls yourself!

zero waste halloween

You could also hand out pencils, secondhand used children’s books, mandarin oranges (with painted jack-o-lantern faces on them for extra fun), or (I know this sounds silly) but money… No really, why not have a bowl full of coins ready for the picking. There are plastic free trick or treat options, you just have to get a little creative! If you just really really want to pass out candy to your trick-or-treaters, there is some candy that comes in paper boxes like Junior Mints or Dots. Remember though, these candies will probably come wrapped in a large plastic bag. One plastic bag is better than many many tiny plastic bags inside of a large plastic bag though in my opinion.


Costumes can be a little bit trickier, but I would say the easiest way to go about it would be to make a stop at your local thrift store for inspiration. A few weeks before Halloween, I like to browse the thrift shop in my town for clothing items I could use to create a costume. Usually with the combination of things I have at home and new pieces from the thrift shop, I can create a quick Halloween costume ensemble. Some ideas include 80s aerobics instructor, 60s hippie/flower child, Rosie the riveter, lumberjack, cowboy, etc. Again, Pinterest is a good stop for inspiration when it comes to DIY Halloween costume ideas.

If you leave the thrift shops without a sweet secondhand costume, check Facebook Marketplace and see if you can find a pre-loved costume there! This is an especially good idea if you’re hunting for children’s costumes. Kids grow out of costumes quickly, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a very gently used Halloween costume there for a great price.

Ok, let’s here it. What are your best zero waste Halloween tips to share?? Any unique costume ideas you’ve come up with on the fly? What about treats for trick or treaters in your neighborhood??

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8 thoughts on “zero waste halloween

  1. Perfect timing! I was just starting to think about ZW Halloween decorations today. Even on Pinterest there are lots of wasteful ideas using tape, plastic bags, glow sticks, etc. Definitely will have to get creative! And definitely reusing my pumpkins to make some purée to freeze for desserts later!

  2. I love your ideas! I have a question- kids expect candy. How do you go about handing them other things? Do you explain what those seed bombs are?

    1. Thanks so much for reading my blog! Yes kids do love candy 🙂 But I’ve learned that they get just as excited about something new to “do.” When I give out seed balls I do explain what they are. I tell kids they will be true super heroes, because they’re saving the bees when they plant flowers!

  3. Wow, first post I have seen on #zerowaste Halloween. But it is really timely and relevant because here in Australia it means lots of cheap and nasty plastics from the $2 shop – used for one night and then added to landfill. Making events and celebrations zero waste is my next big thing – so many of us hear that because it is only “once a year” it’s ok to bring out the plastic knives and forks and cups etc.
    Thank you

  4. Very cool ideas, Jessie! I love the rusticness of natural decor, it’s so beautiful. We used to go to thrift stores all the time for costume pieces, since my kids used to cosplay for conventions. WAY less expensive than buying some cheap funky fabric costumes!

  5. I just love the seed bomb idea, although I’m trying to imagine how my kids would have reacted to it!. Have you ever had kids complain?

  6. Those seed bomb ideas are SO cool! I think I may even put them in my kids easter gifts!!

  7. Love these ideas! I’m all for natural and re-usable decorations, and the seed bombs are such a GREAT idea!

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